Youth Serum
Youth Serum

Youth Serum

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This all-in-one skin base provides a cocktail of skin beautifying ingredients to keep it youthful an radiant. It is infused with the power of jojoba oil to deeply hydrate the skin and to keep moisture in. Hydrogenated farnesene helps fight inflammation, bacteria, and fungi that can damage your skin. It also calms irritated skin and reduces redness.

Meanwhile, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide protect your skin from the damaging effects of daily sun exposure. Knotgrass flavonoids offer a breakthrough concept in fighting infrared-induced skin aging while making the skin look firmer, stronger and more rejuvenated.

It also contains a powerful blend of alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs including citric acid, lactic acid, and L-ascorbic acid to aid in the renewal of your skin cells. It also increases your skin’s moisture levels to improve the flexibility of your skin’s surface.