Organic Vitamin C Facial Toner (100mg CBD)
Organic Vitamin C Facial Toner (100mg CBD)

Organic Vitamin C Facial Toner (100mg CBD)

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Refresh your skin’s vitality with our Organic Vitamin C Facial Toner. This hydrating toner aids in balancing the skin’s natural pH and promotes cell regeneration. It also has a potent blend of botanicals that aid in removing excess oils and deep-seated impurities to make your skin brighter and more even-toned. It delivers powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals that make your skin appear dull and lifeless while preventing the ill effects of inflammation on the skin.  Boosted with Vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen in the body keeping your skin bouncy and smooth. 

Key Benefits:

• Hydrates and softens skin

• Balances the skin’s pH levels

• Improves Circulation

• Boosts skin radiance

• Purifies skin and removes deep-seated dirt and debris

• Improves skin elasticity

• Promotes cell regeneration

• Prevents oxidative damage

Target Concerns:

• Dry and aging skin

• Dull-looking skin

• Build-up of dirt and impurities on the skin

• Puffiness caused by excess fluid build-up

• Blemish-prone skin