At Skin Tight Essentials, we want to solve the biggest problem in beauty: self-image.  We not only make premium, highest quality CBD infused products that nourish the skin, but we also insert empowering quotes into each package to brighten and boost our customer's day.  We aim to not only make you gorgeous from the outside, but more importantly to love the skin you're in from the inside. 

Purposeful regimen.

Finding the right combination of ingredients in each of our products didn’t happen overnight. It started with a chance discovery while visiting a hemp farm.  Always seeking natural remedies, we unearthed the powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties the hemp plant yields on a topical level.  We then formulated a thoughtfully crafted blend of replenishing ingredients to create a balanced regimen for your skin. 


Transforming communities & empowering women.

Recent events have encouraged our country as a whole to take a look at becoming a bit more self-sustaining.  Each individual Skin Tight Essentials product uses American grown ingredients.  Our farmers are our future and therefore we are apart of the movement to create domestic jobs that build a foundation for positive community and also encourage women to roll their sleeves up and join the action. 


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Have a question?   My name is Heather Nicole.  I am the founder of Skin Tight Essentials.  I recognize the value of my customer base and strive each day to exceed expectations.  I welcome all feedback and return calls within 24 hours. 

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